Back to School

Summer vacation is over and the kids have gone back to school. All parents can take a deep breath and say “we survived again!”

We were busy over the school holidays, so our boys had to spend a lot of time staying at their grandparents’ house, or hanging out in the office with us, meeting and greeting many students and not being able to play with their friends. I felt sorry for them (sometimes) so we tried to take them out as much as possible over the weekends. 

熊本で川遊びHowever it was a great opportunity for our family to be together, and they got a chance to be involved in what I’ve been doing for many years. Shoma frequently decorated my whiteboard with encouraging messages for the students, and Kaito helped clean my classroom many times (without being asked FYI, are these really MY kids?).

They also got some extra English lessons! 

英語勉強中2英語勉強中2Now that things are settling down here, we are moving ahead with our plans to open some new classes, and preparing for our first big event. Watch this space!