Happami 2019!

Hello friends and avid readers! We just finished our picnic in the park and I want to say it was a blast! Due to the lack of flowers it wasn’t really a Hanami (花見), but more of a Happami (葉見) 😉

We started at 2pm because who needs lunch anyway? I didn’t drink because I made the mistake of driving there, and we had a nice little turnout of about 20-30 people. The weather was beaut, there were activities for the kids being held there, and everyone had a nice time.

Now I’m sitting on the bus, after dropping my babies (kids and car, not necessarily in that order) home, and a nice 9 percenter I smashed at the bus stop has got me in blogging mode!

Thanks to all for attending. I’m now moving to the after party with a limp, due to my succumbing to the desire to prove to my kids and elementary students that the old fat guy can still run faster than them. See you at Corazon!

Spring picnic

Let’s drink beer in the park and look at flowers together! All are welcome :))

BYO food and drinks!

Don’t forget to invite ALL of your good-looking friends and some ugly ones too! lol

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Christmas Party 2018

Hi it’s Nicole! We had a Christmas party at Jyosei Community Center on December 1st. Good job everyone! We had a great time :)) 子どもも大人もみんな頑張りました〜!歌やお菓子やジュース、ビンゴゲームを楽しんで、賞状を渡しました。休み中のに、サンタさんも遊びに来てくれました!